Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Another day, another trashtacular Page Six! They are really on a roll over there. Today they had this surprisingly scintillating report about everyone's favorite Ice Queen/ Editrix-in-Chief/ Devil Who Wears Prada Anna Wintour:

"In 'Front Row: The Cool Life and Hot Times of Vogue's Editor in Chief,' due next month from St. Martin's, Jerry Oppenheimer recounts how in the late '70s, Wintour's pal, Island Records founder Chris Blackwell, introduced the fashionista to Marley and got her a backstage pass to one of Marley's shows in New York. She immediately 'fell for' the pot-smoking musician.

She was 'riveted' and acted as if she'd 'met God,' one friend tells Oppenheimer, who reports she 'virtually disappeared for a week' while notorious womanizer Marley was in town, spending all her time backstage.

When Wintour finally resurfaced, she looked utterly worn out from her exertions with the rasta legend, but denied to friends she'd spent the week in Marley's bed. Pals didn't buy it and assumed she merely wanted to keep him to herself.

A rep for Wintour, who did not cooperate with Oppenheimer and instructed pals not to talk, told PAGE SIX's Jared Paul Stern the editrix has 'no comment' on the book.

Shortly after Marley, Wintour went to work for porn king Bob Guccione at Viva magazine, 'just across a divider from where Penthouse's shaved and pink gynecological-like shots were being laid out.' She later excised the job from her resume.

Throughout her colorful career Wintour had affairs with many men, including British gossip columnist Nigel Dempster, who bedded her at a young age, and 'Monty Python' star Eric Idle. But she was always somewhat frosty, which Oppenheimer attributes to the fact that she had a 'pretty screwed up childhood,' growing up in a 'horribly depressed and icy atmosphere.'

Her complicated relationship with her father, newspaperman Charles Wintour, left her with a lifelong taste for older men. In 1984, she married South African child psychologist David Shaffer; she was 34, he was 48. The first signs of trouble came when she was reported to have gotten the top job at Vogue via an affair with Si Newhouse.

In 1999, Shaffer learned that Wintour was having an affair with Texas mogul Shelby Bryan when Bryan left a message on their answering machine. Shaffer called Bryan's wife and told her, 'Your husband and my wife are [bleeping] each other.' Bryan and Wintour, now 55, are still together."

Gee, what a heartwarming rags-to-bitches story! Daddy didn't love her, so she slept her way to the top of the magazine heap! It brings a wee tear to your humble blogette's heart. A VERY wee tear.

As to the salacious details: Bob Marley--HELL, yeah. And how much do I love that even her "friends" thought Ms. Thang wanted to keep him for herself? Isn't that what real friends do, share their Rastafarian reggae superstar boyfriends? Although you'd think that even Anna Wintour would want to talk on the phone with her pals about her sexcapades. Her thin, bony, scrawny, bob-haired sexcapades.

I don't know South African child pyscholgist David Shaffer, so I have no opinion as to his shagability. But, um, Eric Idle? Funny, but not too cute. Probabaly sings "Rutles" songs in his sleep. And Si Newhouse, I bet, is quite old and probably doesn't look a whole lot like Javier Bardem, so I'd have to pass. Which is why I write a free blog and am not the editor of "Vogue." Yep, that's the only reason I can think of...

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