Tuesday, December 07, 2004

Yet another lip-synch scandal is sweeping through...well, whoever cares about this sort of thing. This time it was Lindsay Lohan, on "Good Morning, America," reports Page Six with great glee:

"Today's teen pop queens are too young to remember the shame that befell lip-synchers Milli Vanilli in 1990.

First, Ashlee Simpson was caught mouthing the words instead of singing last month on "Saturday Night Live" when her engineer played the wrong song. Yesterday, Lindsay Lohan was found out on "Good Morning America" when she messed up "singing" her tunes "Rumors" and "Over."

The director had to cut away at one point when Lohan's mouth was closed while she was "singing." Said one viewer: "She missed her cue to mouth along to the vocals."

An insider told PAGE SIX that the band was live, but there were backing tracks. "It wasn't fully lip-synched," the source shared. However, the source added that Lohan, no stranger to a late-night good time, had some vocal issues and, "It was dicey to use her straight vocals...

"All musical acts that perform on 'Good Morning America' are required to perform live," said "GMA" spokeswoman Bridgette Maney. "On occasion, artists will have backing tracks to support their live vocals."

Still, the titian-tressed temptress disappointed her young fans. "It was embarrassing," one formerly devoted follower told us. "It hurt my heart."

Lohan might have lost her voice where she lost her purse. She apparently misplaced her handbag, which was found Saturday by a guest at a party at an Upper East Side bar for alums of Providence College.

The lucky finder was showing off Lohan's California driver's license, her black American Express card and other things she'd rather we didn't mention."

OK. As much as I am LOATHE to defend the likes of Lindsay and Ashlee, I do want to point out to the media types who repeatedly invoke the name of Mili Vanilli that they not only lip-synched, THEY DIDN'T USE THEIR OWN VOICES ON THE RECORDING. Which is a bit different from simple lip-synching. Just thought I'd mention that small point, because IT DRIVES ME CRAZY.

But isn't it awesome how snarky Page Six is in this story? "She might have lost her voice where she lost her purse"? Hee hee! "No stranger to a late-night good time"? Ha ha! I also love, love, love the "formerly devoted" young fan whose heart was "hurt." Kiddo, you better start getting used to THAT. It's a big, cold, cruel world out there, full of deceit, lies, betrayal, and "backing tracks."

But goddamit! Why bring up that there were things in her purse they can't mention? My mind is AFLAME with the possiblities! Nude photos of Wilmer? Tara Reid's coke vial? Daddy's restraining order? WHAT? WHAAAAAAT? I am going mad. Thanks a lot, Page Six!

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