Monday, November 22, 2004

Well, it's Monday, which of course means it's "Naomi Campbell Assaults An Underling" Day! Hurrah! Yes, apparently La Campbell couldn't help herself from striking YET ANOTHER assistant about the head and face; THIS time, however, she made it a little more interesting by biting the lackey on the lip and shrieking obscenities at her as well. A supermodel has to keep from gettiing bored, now doesn't she?

WENN, taking it's cue from the ultra-reliable The News of The World, reports:

"Naomi Campbell's former personal assistant is seeking legal action after claiming she was violently attacked by the supermodel two weeks ago.

In an exclusive interview with British newspaper The News Of The World, personal assistant Amie Castaldo alleges the 34-year-old-model hit her in the face, bit her on the lip and yanked her to the floor screaming: "You f***ing worthless bitch," when she tried to quit her job.

Castoldo - who has reportedly had medical treatment for the back injuries suffered in the incident - is now taking legal action against her former boss. Castoldo says, "There is no end to the humiliation I suffered. She 100 percent needs to get help."

Police have now filed a report on the incident which allegedly occurred at Campbell's penthouse apartment in New York.

Campbell's spokesperson denies the model lashed out, saying, "It became clear after a few days that Amie was not going to work out. Naomi ended the brief working relationship in a professional manner and wishes Amie the best."

Six years ago, the beauty was sentenced to attend anger-management classes after striking her personal assistant Georgina Galanis with a mobile phone, and is currently being sued for assault by former assistant Simone Craig."

AWESOME. I really have nothing to say on this subject; it's sublime perfection would only be sullied by my paltry attempts at humor. This stands alone. Brava, Naomi Campbell, BRAVA!

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