Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Poll Time! The results are in, and the celebrity you most want to have "fat sex" with is...drum roll please...John Goodman!!! Aww, that's nice. He tied with "there's no such thing as 'fat sex!'" at 29% of the vote. Coming in with an impressive 19% was SNL's Horatio Saenz, followed by Camryn Manheim with 14%, and "Cheers" go to George "Norm" Wendt and good ole Kirstie Alley, with 5% apiece. No one on earth wants to have fat sex with Star Jones or Roseanne, just the way nature intended.

Now, onto the new poll! With the release of "Alexander," we have a new contender for Great Bad Movie, which I define as a movie with a big budget, famous cast, and tons of hype--that bombs like Hiroshima upon its release, but then manages to find an appreciative, if tipsy, audience later in life. Not a small, low-budget Ed Wood-type thing, but a great big boffo mega-flop. I also excluded actual great bombs such as "Heaven's Gate" and "Ishtar" because those I like, plus they lack the unintended sense of kitsch so essential to a Great Bad Movie. So, the new poll quesion is: What is the greatest Bad Movie of all time? And by "all time" I mean "what I could remember" so no write-ins for silent Icelandic classics or anything starring Clara Bow. Go vote! (Poll is down on the bottom left).

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