Thursday, November 11, 2004

The poll results are in! Despite voter intimidation, shoddy exit polls, and numerous e-ballot glitches, Felt Up is ready to call this thing RIGHT NOW: Paris "P. Hole" Hilton is The Skankiest in the Land--by a landslide! Tara Reid and Britney Spears share second place, while Kevin Federline and Lindsay Lohan tie for third. Here's how it broke down:

P. Hole--50%
Tara Reid--19%
Britney Spears--19%
Lindsay Lohan--6%
Kevin Federline--6%

Wow, democracy in action! The people have SPOKEN. On to the next one! Today's poll topic is...Which catfight would be the awesomest? The poll is down at the bottom left, get to it!

Here's some more excitement for you: Felt Up is no longer going to be an empire of one. I am about to launch an all-political blog--but don't let that scare you. The wit, beauty--dare may I say?--BRILLIANCE that you have come to expect from Felt Up will still be sorely lacking in my new blog, but with a more leftie/political/pro-active slant. The revolution will be blogged! Don't get me wrong. I luuuuuuuuuuuuuv the non-news and will not slack off on my first love--ridiculous celebrity gossip. It's just that with all the crap that's going on I feel compelled to take a tiny, ineffectual stand against THE MAN.

Here's where you come in, loyal Felt Up reader (or Tara Reid nipple seeker): I need a name for the new blog. Felt Up was originally designed as a showcase for my rapidly dwindling felt craft empire (I have a lot of empires); hence the once-clever-now-meaningless title. But the new blog name, well...I want it to have some zing! Snap! Pow! Something that will say: Here I am world, ready or not! (Also it should say, please world, don't send me a lot of nasty messages from right-wing zealots.) So, I am issuing a challenge, a CONTEST, if you will, for the best name for my new blog. Please e-mail any and all ideas (via GET FELT UP on left). The winner will get:

My eternal gratitude.
International fame.
A virtual pat on the back.
A place in my heart forever.
Bragging rights.
A feeling of smug superiority.

May the best blog win!

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