Monday, November 15, 2004

Poll results are in! The awesomest catfight is a tie: Lindsay Lohan vs. Hillary Duff, and Star Jones vs. her possibly-gay fiance Al Reynolds, both with 28%. Catherine Zeta Jones vs. anyone came in second, with 24%; Shar Jackson vs. Britney Spears (dance-off counts) were third with 16%; and poor old Naomi Campbell vs. an underling came in dead last with a measly 4% of the vote. Personally, I would LOVE to witness a cell-phone wielding Naomi Campbell striking an underling about the head and face, although perhaps not QUITE as much as I would like to see a Britney/Shar dance-off. ANY dance-off would do, though, really. I love a dance-off! Somebody needs to get SERVED around here, pronto!

Today's new poll: You are forced to get married at gunpoint. Who would be the biggest nightmare to be stuck with for the rest of your life? Poll is at the bottom left--make me proud!

Also today we have a "blind item" from the NY Post:

"Which actor, who has strayed before, is straying again from his politically connected wife? While he doesn't consider a certain sex act to be cheating, he is still practicing it on several young hotties — and was most recently caught by an assistant two weeks ago in a hotel room with yet another nubile beauty."

Hmmm. There aren't THAT many "politcally connected" wives in Hollywood. The obvious choice would be Arnold the Gubenator and Maria Shriver, but that seems a little...TOO obvious. I always think the easy answer is a trick. Which is why I am frequently wrong. Barbra Stresiand and James Brolin? I think he's too terrified to do something like that. And she's not so much "connected" as she is "bossy." Hmmm. If anyone has any bright ideas, send 'em to me. We could do a poll! I'm obsessed with my poll. Huzzah!

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