Friday, November 05, 2004

OK. I have to face facts and realize this is not the end of the world. (Well, actually it is, but that's delving into the realm of real news. Back in Lalaland, it's not. Hooray!) I just have to deal with it: There simply will never be another celeb story that lives up to the legend of Kirstie Alley having her pet baby possum nursed by her lactating publicist. Period. I have to move on. But it's so hard!

So I half-heartedly give you today's top non-news reports:

Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson are still married!

Britney is NOT, I repeat NOT, preggers! (Although the cited "proof" of her non-pregnancy was that she deliberately smoked a cigarrette in front of reporters--couldn't she just be dumber-n-trashier than ever?)

Sigh. My heart's just not in it. THANKS A LOT KIRSTIE ALLEY! See if I make my "fat pride" bracelet NOW. Harrumph.

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