Wednesday, November 17, 2004

Not much non-news today, I'm afraid. And the only semi-interesting item is about Nicole Kidman (blech!) and Liz "I Would Kill Myself If I Was As Fat As Marilyn Monroe" Hurley's yucky baby daddy Steve Bing, but what the hell. From the NY Daily News:

"Nicole Kidman and Steve Bing are trying to stay in the shadows of love - but not too successfully.

The actress, 37, and the billionaire film producer, 39, had drinks Saturday night in the outdoor section of the Beverly Hills Hotel's Polo Lounge. 'Everyone else had candles on their tables,' a spy tells us. 'But they'd blown theirs out.'

No wonder. Our witness testifies: 'They were kissing. It wasn't some little peck. It was an open-mouth lip-lock.'"

(Let me just pause here to go "Eeeeeeeeeeeeewwwwwwwww!" OK, back to the report already in progress:)

"Another source reports that Bing's car has been spotted outside the pad that Kidman has been renting in Los Angeles while she shoots "Bewitched."

In the last few weeks, the pair have twice had dinner at Il Cantinori here. Once they were with pals and, yesterday, Kidman's rep insisted that she and Bing are just that - "good friends who have mutual friends."

But another source says, 'I could see Nic going for him. She likes bad boys who always wear jeans and a T-shirt.'"

(Sorry, I have to cut in here so I can do a spit-take. OK, that's better. Back we go!)

"Wherever it's going, Kidman's rep wants it known that her health is just fine - despite photos in The National Enquirer showing her with radish-red hands.

The tab quotes one doctor as saying the redness could be a symptom of a variety of ailments, including "Raynaud's Phenomenon, lupus, scleroderma [and] rheumatoid arthritis."

Kidmen's rep believes the photos, 'which I think are enhanced,' show 'that she had cold hands when she walked in from outside. She's healthier than you and I.'"

Personally, I think Ms. Nicole Kidman injected her hands in a Botox frenzy. Or else she is channeling Lady Macbeth and simply can't get the blood off her hands. Whatever! But seriously, does she have the worst taste in men in the universe (except for that Q-Tip rumor, which I refuse to believe), or what? Lenny Kravitz? Steve Bing? TOM CRUISE? Shudder!

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Anonymous said...

steve bing is one of the most charismatic, charming people I know. And I wouldn't believe anything that the press said about him during the Liz Hurley scandal. He isn't one to make media comments. She is. And unfortunately a lot of what she said about him (and them) was untrue.
Also, he's brilliant.