Friday, November 05, 2004

In these trying times it's nice to know that some things are still the same, that there's a teensy bit of NORMALCY in our topsy-turvy world. To wit: Tara Reid's boobies are blowin' in the wind! Well, one booby, anyway. I would post the pictures (yes, there are MULTIPLE pics of Tara's tata hangin' out of her dress at P. Diddy's birthday party--the sillicone apparently has numbed her ability to feel a cold breeze on her nipple!), but so many people freaked out over the Rupert-Everett-using-a-skull-as-codpiece picture I put up a while back that I am just going to give you pervs the link. Don't open at work unless your job is at Playboy Enterprises. Or possibly the California Governor's Mansion.

Make sure and check out the SECOND PAGE for more boobalicious fun! Check out the one picture where a lackey seems to be pointin out her fashion faux pas, to little effect. Also note that the non-exposed bazoomba seems to rest about four feet above the other one on her chest. Yes, Mother Nature works in mysterious ways....

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