Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Damn it! I watched a teeny, tiny ultra-boring part of the American Music Awards this weekend, and all I saw was stupid Usher in his stupid sunglasses acting pompous and stupid. And what did I miss? Only THIS:

From WENN on IMDB:

"Fans of busty Anna Nicole Smith are fearing for the model's sanity after her rambling Kanye West introduction at the American Music Awards on Sunday night.

Smith, who arrived at the show 10 minutes after it had started, appeared drunk onstage, and her short speech, which began as she slurred, "Like my body?" was cut short when producers feared she would do something shameful.

But she insists her current state of mind has been swayed by her recent weight loss and constant taunts about being stupid. She explains, "I liked me better bigger because now I'm too bony. I'm just portrayed as some bimbo, and never taken seriously."

Smith then staggered around backstage, and had to be helped to stand up by two bodyguards."

Why does God hate me?

Here's more proof that He, at the very least, doesn't like me much:

"Former Cheers star Kirstie Alley is happy the American tabloids have been poking fun at her size because she would never have known just how big she was if it wasn't for paparazzi pictures.

The larger-than-life actress is now slowly trying to get back into shape and has lost weight over the summer - and she credits those who mocked her with giving her the will to shed the pounds.

She says, "I didn't know how fat I was. I mean, thanks to the tabloids, I found out how fat I was. I sort of wasn't paying attention."

And she confesses the time she was mistaken for a pregnant woman was the turning point. She adds, "It was about eight months ago and I got out of a car at a hotel and the valet person said, 'When are you due?' I just said, '11 weeks.'"

Alley reveals she's delighted to be on the way back to being a normal weight because she now realizes how terrible life is when you're fat. She explains, 'It makes life uncomfortable. I can't move as fast, I can't jump around as much, I can't dress the way I want to. It's an inconvenience to me more than anything.'"--WENN/IMDB

Boo, hiss! Kirstie Alley, what are you thinking? First you ruin my blog by providing the most outrageously stupid celebrity story EVER (getting your pet possum nursed by a lactating press agent) and now THIS! It's an outrage! Being ginormous is the best thing for your career--and mine! What about "Fat Actress?" What about my line of Fat Pride Bracelets? What about ME? You are so incredibly selfish, Kirstie Alley. It's all about you and your damn health and longevity and self-esteem and whatnot. Harrumph.

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