Monday, October 11, 2004

Star Jones, who is apparently trying to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records for Most Lavish Free Wedding to a Possibly Gay Dude, has been relentlessly plugging her wedding suppliers' products and services so much that ABC freaked out, afraid she might be violating federal broadcasting rules. Star, who as one of the original "The View" ladies, has to be super, SUPER rich, is hellbent on having her insanely over-the-top sacred, holy nuptials provided entirely for free, in exchange for View plugs. Now, I love a bargain as much as the next person, but this is just getting TACKY. Richard "Dick" Johnson reports:

"ABC has put a halt to Star ("Bride-zilla") Jones' greedy on-air plugging of her wedding suppliers to make sure the mentions don't violate FCC rules.

As Jones' Nov. 13 wedding to Al Reynolds draws nearer, Star has run afoul of her network bosses because everything connected with the wedding — invitations, flowers, dresses, makeup, hairdressing — Jones got for free in return for promises of publicity.

One angry vendor — who claims Jones guaranteed to do a segment on "The View" about products going into her "goodie bag" — recently received an e-mail from ABC daytime director Randall Barone.

Barone's e-mail stated: "I understand that you have made arrangements to provide certain products for inclusion in a segment on 'The View' regarding Star Jones' bridal party gift bag. That segment will not be airing on 'The View,' nor will these products appear on 'The View.' "

The vendor then got an e-mail from Jones, which stated: "I have recently been informed that 'The View' has re-evaluated its needs and does not plan to include this [wedding] segment . . . and thus will not be able to give you the thanks you very much deserve [for contributing to her goodie bag.]

"Not to worry . . . My public relations firm (PMK) and I have agreed to do several segments with one of the major syndicated evening entertainment programs . . . Further, [we] are in the process of deciding which print . . . outlet that we will give the photo of the goodie bag and its contents to."

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The vendor was unimpressed with Star's promises and pulled out of the "goodie bag."

Karl Nilsson, a rep for "The View," said: "We consider the wedding-related segments [that have already aired] . . . to be of legitimate interest to the viewer, and we believe that full disclosure regarding any promotional consideration was made, consistent with the law and industry practice."

Jones fumed to PAGE SIX: "I can assure you I have done nothing illegal, immoral or unethical and more importantly, nothing ABC has not agreed to and signed off on! I can assure you I never personally promised a segment on 'The View.' "

When we asked if there was anything in her wedding she had actually paid for, Jones snarled: "My wedding is my business — it's not your business . . . In case you haven't figured it out, I can do whatever I choose to do with my wedding!"

AAAAAAH! The Bridezilla is on a rampage! Grab your goodie bag and run for your lives!!! What I love most of all is that Star, who is constantly reminding everyone that she is a lawyer, states that what is "more important" than her doing anything illegal, immoral or unethical is that ABC signed off on everything she did! Hee hee!

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