Friday, October 22, 2004

Richard "Dick" Johnson (who gets dickier by the day with his anti-Kerry "gossip") has a complicated story about Jay-Z and his former business partner Damon Dash, blah blah blah music biz yadda yadda. Johnson also mentions that Jay-Z is about to launch his own cognac. But THIS wee little sentence caught my eye:

"Jay-Z's cognac will have some competition from Roc-A-Fella rapper Cam'ron, who told Women's Wear Daily he's also launching a cognac: 'It's called Sizzurp. You know, like, syrup with an izzurp.'"

I HAD always heard that the finest cognacs in the world come from the Izzurp region of France. All I can say is AWESOME.

Maybe from now on everything I say will have an "izzurp" added on. Feltizzurp Upizzurp willizzurp neverizzurp bizzurp thizzurp samizzurp!

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