Tuesday, October 12, 2004

OMG. I was just Googling the name "Jah Wolf" to try and track down the cryptic baby talk of creepy blind model wannabe Amanda from "America's Next Top Model" (yes, I admit it, I have NO LIFE!) and found THIS from a 2002 Austin Chronicle fashion column by Stephen Moser:

"One of Austin's premier beauties, model Amanda Mellard, announces the debut of her little bundle of joy, Elijah Wolf O'Connell. Jah Wolf (more affectionately known as Goat Boy) was conceived on 9/11 and born, via c-section, on June 7 at 4:39pm. At 6lbs., 14oz., Goat Boy was 20 inches, with blue eyes and barely a hint of blond peach fuzz. As the proud mama says, 'He's the Gerber baby incarnate -- now when's the next fashion show? I'm ready to work again!'

So Blind Diva Bitch is from Austin! AND I PROBABLY MET HER AT THE CLUB DE VILLE FASHION SHOW(S)! Oh. My. God.

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