Wednesday, October 27, 2004

OMG! Keith Richards is going to play Johnny Depp's father in the "Pirates of the Caribbean" sequel! The fop factor is going to be over the top! Yippee!

In other non-news, I have been following with great interest the Great Gay Dog Groomers Catfight of 2004, and now there are more developments. For those not in the know, a husband-and-husband team of NYC dog-groomers-to-the-stars got into a bit of a tiff this week and one of them stabbed the other with a pair of scissors. Now the NY Post's "Dick" Johnson reports that:

"The gay dog groomer accused of stabbing his lover with a scissors says the alleged victim actually abused him — biting him on the nose, face and scrotum and sending him to the emergency room three times in as many years.

Yesterday, The Post reported how celebrity dog groomer Howie Binder, co-owner of Doggie-Do & Pussycats, Too!, alleges that his lover and business partner, Larry Roth, attacked him with scissors during a violent spat.

But Roth's lawyer, Joel S. Walter, told PAGE SIX that Roth was defending himself. 'Howie is a biter,' Walter says. 'He bites Larry all over his body. Larry has had Howie arrested before. This time, Howie was literally choking him to death when Larry grabbed the scissors.'

Binder responded that he bit Roth only when the bigger man jumped on top of him. 'He is a 400-pound man, and I had to get him off me somehow,' said 160-pound Binder, who admitted he was arrested last year after hitting Roth with a cowboy boot.

The ex-couple's pet primping shop, which has groomed the dogs of J.Lo, P. Diddy and Janet Jackson, is still open for business with Binder at the helm, even though Roth is seeking to split the company's assets."

OK. First of all, I HAVE to figure out a way to incorporate the phrase "Howie is a biter" into my daily life. Secondly, how awesome is it that a dog-groomer is guilty of assault with a deadly cowboy boot? There is so much greatness in this tale--and yes, a little sadness, as well, like in all great love stories--that I don't even care that they are not famous. They have groomed the dogs and cats of the famous, so that is close enough for moi. However, I have one burning question: Who gets to keep the name "Doggie-Do and Pussycats, Too!"?

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Anonymous said...

I grew up with Howie Binder as a kid in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn and I could never imagine him biting anyone or behaving a in a hostile manner.