Thursday, October 07, 2004

OK. None of the people involved in the following story are particularly famous, but they ARE part of "The Botox Trial of the Decade," so I am SO there. Actually, I had already read an in-depth story in Vanity Fair about the case, which involves uber-high-maintenance Hollywood Wife Irina Medavoy and dermatologist-to-the-stars Dr. Arnie Klein.

The basic story is that Irina, who suffers from severe migraines from her really tough life being fabulously rich, was given Botox by the good doctor--apparently anectdotal, non-clinical evidence shows that Botox relieves migraine pain--but he gave her way too much and she had all kinds of health problems that she thought were directly related to the Botox overdose. Dr. Arnie, it turns out, is a paid consultant for Allergen, the wonderful folks who make Botox. Now, once Irina came out with her accusations, all of surgered Hollywood took sides--most against Irina and for their beloved provider of frozen foreheads and duck lips. Now the trial has finally begun, and it's a real humdinger! In fact, it's Richard "Dick" Johnson's lead story:

"The Botox trial of the decade....reached such a crescendo during closing arguments this week that the defendant lost control of his bladder.

Medavoy, 45-year-old wife of producer Mike Medavoy, has accused Klein of overdosing her with Botox while trying to treat her migraines. Instead of curing the headaches, Medavoy claims that Klein, 59, made them even worse. Allergen, the maker of Botox, is a co-defendant in the L.A. case.

Elizabeth Taylor led a contingent of patients who stood up for Klein throughout the five-week trial, but the pressure apparently got to him. According to courtroom witnesses, Klein was so nervous before the case went to the jury late Tuesday, he lost control of his bladder while in his chair.

"Yes, it's true," said one observer." Klein was temporarily whisked outside...

But Klein isn't the only one who seems to have excretory issues. During the trial, Medavoy was called to the stand by Weissman, who tried to portray her as a hypochondriac. The former model/actress admitted she suffered from chronic fatigue syndrome, vertigo, anorexia and a spastic bowel — conceding, "I go to doctors a lot."

Medavoy's supporters include Arianna Huffington — who said Medavoy was "incredibly brave" for taking on a drug maker — and Cheryl Saban, the wife of "Power Rangers" media magnate Haim Saban.

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Medavoy's lawyers tried to prove Klein didn't warn her of the known risks of Botox, or disclose that he was a paid consultant for Allergen. She testified that after one treatment in March 2002, she got a headache "like somebody put a three-sizes-too-small helmet on you."

The leggy blonde said she was incapacitated for four months. She told Vanity Fair last year that she could not be in the light and could not have sex with her husband.

Medavoy's lawyer said that when she called Klein to complain, the doctor said, "I did too much." Benice added: 'Our position is that she was overdosed.'"

Isn't that a pisser? (Hello? Is this mic on? Ooooh, tough room!) But seriously, ladies and germs, don't you just LOVE a leggy blonde rich lady with a Slavic name who has chronic fatigue syndrome, vertigo, anorexia, a spastic bowel, and migraines? Don't you bet Mike Medavoy curses his fate every day they are married? Next Up: Dr. Arnie Klein releases his bowels after a confused Liz Taylor collapses on the stand during her emotional testimony that Botox would never harm a child at his Neverland ranch! Stay tuned...

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