Friday, October 01, 2004

Need a little pre-Halloween fright? How about this bone-chilling headline from the IMDB:

"Benigni To Shoot Iraq Comedy"

I wish Benigni would just shoot ME and get it over with. Here are--gulp!--more details. (Hope you aren't eating):

"Acclaimed Italian director and actor Roberto Benigni is about to begin work on a comedy movie set against the backdrop of war-torn Iraq. The Oscar-winning star hopes La Tigre E La Neve will do for the war in Iraq what his Life Is Beautiful did for the Holocaust. In the film Benigni will take the lead role of a poet who gets caught up in events in Iraq in March 2003 when the US launched its attack on Saddam Hussein's regime. He tells Italian radio. "War naturally is the background of the film and my character is directly involved in it after this poet ends up in Iraq by pure chance. What is extraordinary is his vision of the world. This is one person representing all the people in the world." Benigni also makes a veiled attack on the West's role in Iraq: 'Westerners are running the show, all of those doing these things have studied in the West, it is not the Easterners. We know how many dreams the East gives, and how grateful we are to the East and love all its beautiful things.'"

AAAAAAAAAH! Run for your lives! Roberto Benigni is going to portray a character whose "extraordinary" vision of the world will represent all of mankind! AAAAAAAAAAH!

I think I would rather have a root canal while watching a non-stop "Battlefield Earth" marathon as someone scratched their nails down a chalkboard and mosquitoes bit my flesh to the bone.

As you may have gathered by now, I'm not a very big fan of Mr. Benigni's work. Or his HILARIOUS off-screen "antics." But I really thought he'd reached the zenith of his egomania with his the-Holocaust-was-terrible-but-the-human-spirit-shall-live-on-via-me-Roberto-Benigni movie, but apparently I was wrong. NEXT UP: THE PASSION OF THE BENIGNI. (Hard to get yukks out of the crucifixition, but not impossible--see Monty Python for tips, Roberto!) If anyone can't do it, you can't!

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Mama mia! Please let him be lying about this Iraq movie! PLEASE!

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