Thursday, October 21, 2004

Just bits and pieces today. I think with all the real news going on, the non-news is starting to suffer. Without the Olsens, Courtney Love, and P Hole there would be NOTHING. I think I may go to hell for that last sentence. Damn.

Anyway, here's your Olsen fix for the day. The IMDB reports that:

"Troubled actress Mary-Kate Olsen is allegedly furious with her twin sister Ashley Olsen for trashing their luxurious New York apartment. The New York Minute stars paid a staggering $7.3 million to live in the enormous penthouse while they study at university, but Ashley has already made their home look like a regular student dormitory, reports Britain's Star magazine. An insider says, 'It sounded like her twin sister is already messing up their brand new apartment and she's really tired of her sloppy ways.'"

Well, DUH. What does MK expect from a fat slob like Ashley? The Starbucks cups alone probably take up most of the penthouse.

And from the "I Am Liking Wynonna Judd More and More Every Day--In Direct Proportion to My Intense Personal Hatred of Ashley Judd" file:

"Country superstar Wynonna Judd has infuriated her Christian fans by planning a performance on a lesbian cruise. The singer has been inundated with angry emails from The Traditional Values Coalition threatening to boycott her future concerts unless she cancels her engagement to sing on a Caribbean cruise ship next year. The cruise is sponsored by Olivia, which is 'a company dedicated to providing high quality, safe vacations for lesbian travelers,' according to its website. The Traditional Values Coalition says, 'It conflicts with her professed Christian faith and suggests Judd has been misled by the mainstream media on the origins of same-sex attractions and the self-destructive results of such attractions. We urge her to study what the Bible says in both the Old and New Testaments about homosexuality…to learn how faith in Christ has set men and women free from bondage to this life-controlling condition.'"

Hmmmm....I wonder if the cruise goes to the isle of Lesbos? What goes ON? I mean, besides the obvious. I guess every dance would be "Sadie Hawkins Night." Are lesbian cruises more fun than regular cruises? Is the food better? I'm just curious about what a "high quality" vacation means for the lesbian traveller...although I think a gay male Cruisin' Cruise would probably be better times, if perhaps less welcoming of the single female vacationer.

But I digress. Wynonna just gets more and more awesome. First she talked openly and frankly with Oprah about her battles with being overweight and the living nightmare of being Ashley's sister and Naomi's daughter. And now THIS! Hee HAW! Anyone who riles up something called The Traditional Values Coalition is A-OK by moi.

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