Monday, October 18, 2004

HA ha! Gwen Stefani just found out that her hideous, possibly-bi, no-longer-famous husband Gavin Rossdale is the father of a LOVE CHILD! Richard "Dick" Johnson reports that:

"There's no doubt about it — the hubby of rocker Gwen Stefani is the father of a secret, 15-year-old love child, a new report claims. The bombshell news was delivered to Stefani, the sexy blonde singer with No Doubt, after DNA tests confirmed Gavin Rossdale, who fronts the band Bush, is the dad of teen fashion model Daisy Lowe, the Mirror of London says. The mother of the girl is singer and designer Pearl Lowe, who had a fling with Rossdale in the late '80s.

'Yes, it's true, but out of respect to all parties concerned, I've no further com ment,' Rossdale told the newspaper. Pearl also confirmed that Rossdale is the dad. Friends said the shocker has been "devastating" to Stefani, who wed Rossdale six years ago, but as yet has no children with him. At the time of their wedding, she told an interviewer, 'I do think about babies and kids all the time and we really want them.' Stefani, 35, is now on the brink of Hollywood stardom, playing Jean Harlow in the upcoming biopic about Howard Hughes, "The Aviator," with Leonardo DiCa prio in the title role.

For years, Pearl had wondered whether Rossdale was Daisy's father and after several legal letters were exchanged, he agreed to take a DNA test to settle the suspicion once and for all. 'It was never about getting Gavin's money or anything like that. It was about finding Daisy's real dad,' an insider told the newspaper. 'She has always had slight suspicions. . .' Daisy, who is signed with the Select model agency, lives with Pearl and her husband, rocker Danny Goffey, the drummer with Supergrass."

Hee hee! First of all, I LOVE that they are totally implying that Gwen is barren, because obviously Gavin is not shootin' blanks! But I can't believe what a busy bee ole Gavin was during the '80s--he was famously "outed" by Boy George in his autobiography for having had an affair with Boy Marilyn back in the day! Ha ha ha! Gwen sure can pick 'em!

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