Wednesday, October 13, 2004

Check out the perv! Go to
  • The Smoking Gun

  • and peruse the papers filed today in the sexual harrassment suit against repellent Fox News "star" Bill O'Reilly. But make sure you haven't eaten anything for a while, because it's SOOOOOOO GROSS! Ewww! Seriously, I almost barfed. Then giggled. Then felt dirty and had to take a shower. Then felt barfy again.

    In other non-news, Nicky Hilton's sacred, holy wedded bliss may already be coming to a tragic end. I had a hot tip from an anonymous source that there might be trouble in paradise, and sure enough, USA Today, citing Us Weekly (hee hee) reports that Nicky Hilton's quickie Vegas wedding to boring non-celeb older man Todd Meister is on the road to annullment; AKA, Nicky is about to "pull a Britney":

    "Hilton (Paris' little sis) and Meister, 33, are 'working on an annulment,' the magazine reports, and there are no hard feelings between them. He lives in New York and she's in L.A. The main reason for the split, Us reports: At 21, it's just not a good time for Hilton to be a wife...

    Questions about the young socialite's marriage were raised Oct. 2 at a John Kerry event, where she wasn't wearing her estimated 9- to 12-carat diamond wedding ring. Us reports that when asked whether she was still married, Hilton replied, 'Am I?' Us reports Hilton has returned the family heirloom, which is worth at least $1 million...

    Meister is among more than 200 guests invited to Vegas' Hard Rock Hotel & Casino this weekend for Nicky's 21st birthday celebration. (Her actual birthday was Oct. 5.)

    Also on the guest list: Paris, the girls' parents, and buddies Lindsay Lohan, Nicole Richie and Bijou Phillips."

    There IS something odd about the poor guy needing an invitation to his own wife's birthday party. But the thing that strikes me the most about this heartbreaking tragedy: Where the hell is Tara Reid on that stellar guest list? Huh? The whole thing is an outrage! Especially the part about Nicky turning 21. I thought she was at least 45 years old.

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