Thursday, September 30, 2004

When will Paris Hilton's reign of terror ever end? Apparently never. The latest dish has it that she uses the "n" word on her 12-hour sexcapade videotape. Rush and Molloy of the New York Daily News report:

"Paris Hilton has two faces - and one of them is very, very ugly.

In a recently surfaced 12-hour videotape, Hilton is shown in a rather disturbing scene with two African-American men who ask her if she would model their fashion line.

Hilton, standing with pal Brandon Davis, is polite to the men, but calls them "dumb n--s" after they leave, according to British reporter Carole Aye Maung, who reviewed the tape.

"Two ... guys begin talking to her," Maung told us. "She's being very, very sweet to them. [But] she definitely uses the N-word. It's so cruel, because they were so lovely, and she was being so lovely to them."

Hilton's reps refused to comment when asked about this specific incident on the tape, first uncovered by Star magazine."

OK. First of all, I disagree with the first line of this report: ANY AND ALL of Paris' faces are ugly. Hideous, in fact. Now we know that she is equally hideous on the inside. And here I was laboring under the delusion that she was merely stupid and soulless. She's stupid, soulless AND racist! What a winning combination! Let's make sure she gets even RICHER by buying her "book" and her "jewelry" line in droves, shall we?

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