Thursday, September 23, 2004

Well, thank GOD. James St. James and Michael "Party Monster" Alig had been fighting so much lately that they stopped doing the "Phone Call from a Felon" feature on the World of Wonder site. But now they have finally made up and there's a brand-new installment! Hurrah! In this episode, they talk about the romance of sneaking off to be with your prison boyfriend, and even more fascinatingly, how prisoners decorate their cells by wrapping everything in sheets and pillow cases. Here's a snippet:

James: And do people have little color schemes?

Michael: Oh absolutely! They are big on color schemes. They are like little queens running around when they are decorating. I swear to you. They like to get everything all the same color. The big thing is to trade towels and pillows and pillow cases and things like that so that everybody can get their color schemes together and the other day I heard two people arguing – two big, mean killers – I heard them say, “When I say fuchsia, I mean fuchsia!”

James: “I didn’t want ecru! I wanted eggshell!”

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