Saturday, September 04, 2004

Well, the Bush twins ran amok in NYC during the convention, naturellment. Is anyone surprised? I would have died of shock if they'd acted all demure and Chelsea-like (althought she was seen drinking champers at the DNC--WITH HER MOM! Quelle shock!), instead of like drunken sorority coke-whores. As the sun rises in the East, so do I expect Jenna Bush to set her beady little eyes on all the hooch she can pour down her gullet in the tri-state area. Bless her debaucherous heart! According to Richard "Dick" Johnson, the Guzzlettes were comped $4,700 worth of free booze at one club, but they only tipped less than $50--or 1%. Maybe they aren't used to big city drink prices after bar-crawling their way through A-Town's reasonably-priced dens of inequity. They were better behaved at another hotspot, at least in the tipping department, although they danced with "preppie"-looking boys and played terrible pool and traipsed around barefoot. Yuck! Britney's influence is everywhere! Were their fingers be-Cheetoed, as well?

And from the "I Could Just Cry" file, Dick notes "that cult fashion house Emilio Pucci had Veuve Cliquot design a special champagne bottle for the 400 guests expected Tuesday at the grand opening of its Fifth Avenue store." WAAAAAAH!! WAAAAAAH! Me wantie, me wantie! Pucci! Veuve! I hereby swear that if Paris Hilton gets her huge, oversized mitts on any free Pucci-designed champers I am going to go mad. MAD, I say!

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