Saturday, September 11, 2004

Since it is September 11 and all, there's a lot of somber, real news today and not a whole lot of divertissement from fluffy, shallow, non-news. Which is a shame, because I have always maintained that when the peoples get down, they need light-n-frothy nonsense to take their minds off their troubles, such as THIS bit from Richard "Dick" Johnson:

"Producer Danny Bigel expects people to keep their word. Last month, Bigel, who produced 'Black and White' and 'Harvard Man,' was staying at Theory owner Andrew Rosen's Southhampton pad, along with alice+olivia designer (and Rosen business partner) Stacey Bendet.

On that Saturday morning, the beautiful Bendet found out her grandmother had died and woke up Bigel, asking him for a ride to the Jitney stop so she could catch a flight for the funeral in Florida. Bigel refused. 'Danny said he was tired and to go away,' Bendet said. 'He said he would only take me if I gave him two sweaters from my new men's line, anthony+mo. So I said fine, whatever.'

Bigel drove Bendet to the Jitney, but then proceeded to hound her for the sweaters. 'I was busy, I just didn't get around to it,' Bendet said.

The other day, Bigel took matters into his own hands. Bendet was in the East Hampton Theory store about to sell a $600 cashmere reversible pullover when Bigel walked up, grabbed the sweater and said, 'I'm taking this! This is mine! You promised me a sweater!'

When Bendet objected, Bigel snarled, 'I'm teaching you a lesson! When you promise friends sweaters, you give them!' Bendet notes, 'Danny didn't seem to get that friends don't make friends beg to give them a ride to the Jitney when their grandmothers die.' An unapologetic Bigel told PAGE SIX Bendet could invoice him for the sweater."

OK, I don't know who ANY of these people are, but I heart them. First let me point out that the Jitney is some kind of bus that takes people to and from Manhattan and the Hamptons, as I learned from an episode of "Sex and the City." So basically this Bigel guy, who was staying as a guest in Bendet's business partner's house, wanted a $600 cashmere reversible pullover in exchange for a ride to the bus stop. So the woman could go to her grandmother's funeral. Hee hee hee!

I wonder where the owner of the house was? Couldn't he give her a no-strings-attached funeral drop-off? Oh, it doesn't matter. What DOES matter is that "When friends promise friends sweaters, you give them!" may be my new slogan. I might have to sew it on a sampler, like "Home Sweet Home." And for sure I will snarl it when drunk, apropos of nothing; this is my solemn pledge. Whoever these delightful people are, they have inspired me! Kudos! I heart NY!

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