Wednesday, September 15, 2004

OOOOOH, the plot thickens! I was just perusing and saw their link to something called Jim Hill Media, which had this delightful piece of on-set gossip about our favorite feuding tween queens!!Yes, the saga of Lindsay and Hillary continues! Hooray! Apparently, Disney is getting a little bit antsy over Tara Reid protege Lindsay and her ability to PAR-TAY HAR-DAY while shooting the sure-to-be-a-classic Herbie the Lovebug re-make:

"Well, the word from folks familiar with this situation is that Lindsay has been hitting Vancouver's club scene awfully hard. Virtually every night, even. Which--given that Vancouver's legal drinking age is 19--means that the star of this family friendly comedy is engaging in illegal behavior.

Which Disney might be willing to overlook. IF Lohan's after-hour activities weren't having an obvious negative impact on Lindsay's performance in the picture. Which they allegedly are.

Which is why studio execs supposedly read the "Freaky Friday" remake star the riot act earlier this month. Reportedly warning Lohan that if she didn't cut back on her partying Disney would be forced to recast this role and then send Lindsay packing.

So the story goes...Lohan allegedly heeded the Disney Studio's executives' advice for just a couple of days, then reportedly reverted to her old hard-partying ways. Which is why--late last week--the film's director, Angela Robinson supposedly pulled Lindsay aside for a quiet chat.

'Have you noticed that we haven't been doing a lot of close-ups lately?,' Robinson reportedly asked Lohan. Lindsay allegedly indicated that--yes--she noticed that 'Herbie Fully Loaded''s director had been concentrating on long shots lately and was wondering why Angela was doing this.

Robinson supposedly then told Lohan that she was doing this on orders from Disney. That-- should the studio be forced to replace Lindsay--they then might still be able to use some of the film's footage that had been shot from a distance.

Then Angela allegedly dropped the real bomb shells. That--back in Burbank--Mouse Execs are reportedly already casting about for a replacement for Lohan. 'And who's on that short list?,' you ask. The very same tween star that Disney had hoped to snag for 'The Muppets Wizard of Oz,' Hilary Duff."

OMG! Don't you know Lindsay went totally berserk, just like Neely in "Valley of the Dolls," screaming about being a STAR and demanding to know where her booze and dolls were? Not to mention threatening to have Hillary Duff killed. WOW. All this drama over a Herbie the Lovebug movie. AND they had the foresight to call it "Fully Loaded." That's totally Lindsay's nickname at all the Vancouver hotspots!

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