Thursday, September 23, 2004

Oooh, I just LOVE it when a celeb throws a fit on an airplane! This time it's crazy Lauren Hutton. The IMDB reports:

"American actress Lauren Hutton reportedly flew into a rage on board an airplane on Sunday when she was confronted by an animal rights campaigner. The American Gigolo actress was on a Delta Airlines flight when she was challenged by a "polite" People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals (PETA) activist over her role as spokesperson for estrogen replacement drug Premarin. But when Dan Matthews gently informed her of the suffering animals have to endure during the drug-making process, Hutton responded in a fury.

Dan Mathews tells gossip website The Scoop, 'I very politely approached her and asked her if she knows that to make it, the drug company keeps pregnant horses dehydrated and confined to stalls their whole pregnancy and after their foals are born they are sold to slaughter. I hoped to open up a dialogue with her, but instead she started screaming at me. Something like, 'What do you know about animals? Have you ever been to Africa? Have you ever been in nature?' I was a little startled. Premarin isn't made in Africa.'"

OK, first off, even though I agree with what PETA is trying to do, I sometimes go a bit eyeroll-y at their confrontational antics. It often serves to make them look like nuts and fanatics to the detriment of their noble cause. But on the other hand, Dan, if you say you were being polite (polite for PETA? or polite for normal people?) then what was this all about? Why the diva hissy fit? Well, Dan, I'll tell you. She was saying that because she used to jet off to Africa to do a little canoodling with hot, swingin' (and possibly dead, I have to check) photographer Peter Beard, she knows a whole lot more about the animal world than YOU do. And if you've ever read anything about Peter Beard and his antics, she's right! She probably experienced a whole LOTTA nature. Naked, naked nature. She may have even seen some actual Africans, albeit at a distance, carrying her luggage. So you don't have to tell Ms. Lauren Hutton about the torture of lab animals for products she hawks, OK? SHE HAS BEEN TO AFRICA! NOT TO MENTION NATURE!

And let's be frank, Dan. What she was really trying to express to you was: HOW DARE YOU SPEAK TO HER?! YOU'RE A NOBODY! A GNAT! A PEON! A LITTLE PERSON!! For God's sake, she was in "ONCE BITTEN"!!Also, Dan, she was in a terrible motorcycle accident a few years ago and may be a little strange now, like Bob Dylan after his crash, but you know, without all the talent and whatnot. So BACK OFF!

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