Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The new Village Voice has a great article about one of my current crushes: Peter Dinklage, star of "The Station Agent." Yes, he is a dwarf. So what? Never stopped me before! I can't believe in this day and age that that is still a big deal. HOT IS HOT. Even though he has a girlfriend (boo! hiss!), I heart him.

Apparently I am not alone--the writer notes that if you do a Google search on Dinklage "you'll find chat rooms of young female fans who unabashedly find the diminutive blue-eyed actor irresistible. One of the things that made The Station Agent unique, beyond the intriguing yoking of misfit characters, was the way it didn't shy away from its star's masculine allure." Damn right he's got masculine allure! Sigh! Swoon! To read more, go:

  • HERE!

  • In other non-news, I cannot stop listening to the Scissor Sisters record. Awesome, totally and completely AWESOME! I am addicted! How do I love a male falsetto singing about trannies and lapdances? Let me count the ways! Their ambi-sexual anthems are the feel-good hits of the year! I was myspace messaging with man-about-London Richard M. about the news that they just recorded some songs with Kylie Minogue (we were cross-Atlantically peeing our virtual pants) and he told me that they also played with Pete Burns of Dead or Alive in London recently!!!The gay-o-meter is off the charts!!! Why not add a can-can line of Boy Marilyn, Bea Arthur, Graham Norton, Liza Minelli, Jimmy Somerville, RuPaul, the ghost of Peter Allen, and The Weather Girls why they're at it? Turn, turn, kick, turn! Jazz hands, jazz hands! Oh, if only. Some things are just too beautiful for this world, I guess...

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