Monday, September 06, 2004

I love, love, love, but I'm always left wanting MORE and they are, shall we say, not QUITE as vigilant as some other bloggers I could name in keeping their site updated. But today--maybe because it's a holiday and they've got more time on their hands--they've gone crazy and posted tons of great pictures: Jennifer Anniston with collagen-injected lips, a truly frightening before-and-after of KISS' Paul Stanley (EEEK!), Gary Busey's teeth (AAAAAH!), Gwen Stefani's boob job, and best of all, a totally unrecognizable photo of Paris Hilton. Seriously, if the young, semi-innocent, pre-surgered, dark-haired and non-colored-contact-wearing Paris fell out of the sky and into my living room, I would be nice to her and offer her a nice cup of tea and a cookie, because I would have no idea who she was. I think she looked a lot better before. At least she sort of looked like a human being. Also Nicole Richie before the extensions. Check 'em out:

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