Thursday, September 16, 2004

I don't usually do a lot of "royals" coverage because they are so overexposed AND boring--but then I sometimes mention Paris Hilton, so why not? This particular royal, Princess Michael of Kent, AKA "Priness Pushy," has gotten TONS of bad press the past few months because she apparently went up to a table-full of extremely rich/powerful black revellers at a restaurant and told them to shut up and "go back to the colonies." (!) So this woman is OBVIOUSLY a very classy dame and brings great honor to the aristocracy. Besides terrible and very public racism, she's also well-known for her snobbiness, pushiness, and bad manners. A quadruple threat! Now she is back in Page Six for more obnoxious behavior, as Richard "Dick" Johnson giddily reports:

"Princess Michael of Kent continues to roil New Yorkers with her imperious ways — particularly the doormen at the Park Avenue building where she is freeloading.

"We've watched her get out of cabs, clearly arguing with the driver and shrieking at the doorman, 'Pay the man!' before stomping off," one resident of the apartment tower snorted.

"She doesn't give the doorman any money, so he eats her taxi charge."

The Teutonic titleholder, known in London as Princess Pushy, made headlines earlier this year when she ordered a tableful of high-powered blacks at Da Silvano to quiet down.

But she denies reports that she told them they should "go back to the colonies."

She's been staying lately in a ground-floor apartment provided by a wealthy friend. But she isn't making any new friends in the building with her insistence on silence.

"The apartment is just off the lobby," said a neighbor who requested anonymity. "Over a period of time she has come storming out of the apartment and screamed at little kids."

The neighbor complained that children as young as 3 have been told, "Be quiet!" or "This is not a public place! Keep it down!"

"It's crazy," the neighbor continued. "She's not a resident of the building! She doesn't pay rent! She's turning the building upside down like she thinks it's an extension of Kensington Palace! These people don't work for her!"

The royal-by-marriage seems to be trying to rehabilitate her reputation as a snob. Tuesday, the princess was mingling with the little people at a promotional event for her friend Colin Cowie's new partnership with JCPenney.

The home guru was hosting weddings in a 57th Street storefront, and Kent joined party girl Tara Reid as witness to one ceremony. The wedding was between a black South African model and a Jewish New York club-owner, who were more than a bit taken aback by her presence.

She also sidled up to the president of the South African Tourist Board, an eyewitness said, in what appeared to be an attempt to prove that she is not a racist.

Kent's publicist at Simon & Schuster declined to comment."

Note the presence of TARA REID!! Talk about mingling with the little people! Ha ha ha! I LOVE that this woman tried to cozy up with a black person in order to prove she's not racist. Look! Look, everyone! Over here! Take a picture--QUICK! I'm talking to a South African! And it's not Charlize Theron! SEE? SEE? I'm practically like Ghandi or some other loathesome colonist! SEE? AND I'M IN THE PRESENCE OF TARA REID, SO HOW COULD I POSSIBLY BE A SNOB?

Oh, Princess Pushy, I feel your pain, I really do. It's not easy living rent-free in a luxury apartment in NYC and having little spoiled hellions waking you up at the crack of noon when you've been up all night downing free champers and crudites with Jewish night-club owners and black models, trying to prove ONCE AND FOR ALL that you did not wish that everything would go back to Apartheid--in other words, to LIVE A LIE amongst peasants who don't know their place. IT'S NOT EASY!

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