Wednesday, September 01, 2004

Here's what I got. It ain't much, but it's something. In today's Page Six, Richard "Dick" Johnson reports on the continuing saga of Foxy Brown, AKA The Poor Man's Lil' Kim, who is trying desperately to stay in the press by acting all outrageous-n-shit in retail establishments up and down Mannhattan, to which I can only say: J'approve, madame, j'approve:

"Foxy Brown, it might be time for you to get outta town. We reported how a Louis Vuitton staffer called us last Friday to complain about the hip-hop hottie's abusive language, finger-snapping and yelling at store employees. Now we hear Brown caused more mayhem later that night, when she got a manicure-pedicure at Bloomie Nails on West 23rd Street. Employees say Brown refused to pay for her $35 treatment and was chased out by staffers, one of whom she whacked in the head with her cellphone — a claim Brown's publicist denies. "She was here and she hit someone with her phone in the face," a nail shop employee said. "The girl who works here had to go to the hospital." However, Brown's rep, Marvet Britto, said: "There was a dispute over payment. She got her pedicure, but the woman tried to charge her for both the manicure and the pedicure. She definitely did not hit her with the cellphone." Brown, 25, told The Post just last week she hopes to create a "global brand" — she's already launched a Foxy Brown Luxury Furs line — by staying in the papers. "I want to always be able to go to premieres and be photographed on the red carpet and be on PAGE SIX, to still be necessary and relevant." Well, she's on PAGE SIX."

You gotta hand it to the lady: a line of furs, finger-snapping at Louis Vuitton, hitting a manicurist on the head with a cell phone--she's doing everything SO RIGHT. Kudos, Foxy Brown, kudos! Keep up the good work. You have a bright future ahead of you--better start plotting your next Page Six move....maybe you should call Naomi Campbell and stage a cell-phone-beating contest while dressed only in jewels and furs!

Did anyone else see Michael Moore at the Republican National Convention? (He appeared on a "Daily Show" clip, that's all I can bear to watch of this thing, as I've said before). At first I thought it was a joke, that they'd edited in a shot of him laughing at John McCain's criticism of "a certain disingenuous filmaker," but Dickie Johnson wrote about him being in attendance at the convention for reals. How BRAVE is that, to wander amongst the people who despise and loathe you and want to tear you from limb to limb? I wonder if he was so sure that the delegates are too ignorant to actually recognize him that he wasn't afraid, or if his love of publicity trumped any fears he might have had for his life, or if he is so ginormous that the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune simply bounce off his bulk? Either way, bravo, sir, BRAVO! Say what you will about the guy, it is totally amazing that he put himself out there to be ridiculed and hated and lambasted IN PERSON by a stadium-full of angry Republicans. (His quote in Page Six: "I just made $20 million dollars," after he got booed. Hee hee!)

Bob 103.5 FM is playing "Suddenly Last Summer," by, I believe, The Motels. Now it's that Maroon 5 song. I don't know the name of the song and I don't want to, EVER. EEEK! Oooooh, segue right into "You're As Cold As Ice," by, I believe, Foreigner. Nicely done. This is taking over my entire life.

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