Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Have to run off AGAIN, I'm afraid, but here's a couple of tidbits to tide you over. First up, Cat Stevens is about to be deported for being on a terror list! He was flying under his scintillating Islamic name Yusuf Islam and boarded a flight from London; when they realized "Oh, my God, the man who wrote "Peace Train" is on the plane!" they diverted the flight to Maine and took him off.
The CNN headline:

"U.S. diverts plane because Cat Stevens on board"

The story:

"Singer Yusuf Islam, formerly known as Cat Stevens, was taken off a diverted United Air Lines flight from London to Washington after his Muslim name turned up on a "watch list" designed to keep terrorists from boarding flights, a U.S. Transportation Security Administration spokesman has said.

Islam, 56, took that name when he became a Muslim in the 1970s.

An FBI spokeswoman told CNN the singer's name was only matched to the watch list after the plane had departed.

Islam, a British citizen, was held in Bangor, Maine after Flight 919 was ordered to land there Tuesday.

He will be deported back to London on Wednesday, according to the TSA.

A government official said Islam was on the watch list because of "known associations and financial support to organizations believed to be aiding terrorism."

According to U.S. officials, he is an active supporter of Muslim charities.

One administration official said the singer had been in the United States as recently as May and was a recent addition to the list."

I always thought Cat Stevens was hot, hot, HOT (it's an inherited trait from my mother, who would've walked on hot coals to meet him), and he's STILL pretty hunky in the picture!

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In, like, a Muslim cleric kind of way. HOTT!

On a sadder note, director Russ Meyer, who made some of the greatest movies of all time, including "Faster, Pussycat! Kill! Kill!" and my personal favorite, "Beyond the Valley of the Dolls," has died at the age of 82.

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Again with the CNN:

"Meyer died Saturday at his home in the Hollywood Hills, according to his company, RM Films International Inc. Spokeswoman Janice Cowart said Meyer had suffered from dementia and died of complications of pneumonia.

Meyer's films were considered pornographic in their time but are less shocking by today's standards, with their focus on violence and large-busted women but little graphic sex...

Meyer was unapologetic for his movies, arguing the onscreen female nudity put customers in theater seats. But he maintained that women liked the films.

"The girls kick the hell out of the guys. I've always played well at the Ivy League -- Cornell, Dartmouth. I have never encountered a berating woman," he said.

Meyer's work made him rich and earned him critical acclaim. He was honored at international film festivals, his movies were discussed in college courses, and his work was shown at top museums.

His 1966 classic, "Faster Pussycat, Kill! Kill!" about three hip go-go-girl club dancers who go on a vengeful murder spree against the men who did them wrong still makes the art house rounds.

"This film is not derogatory to women," Meyer said. "There were three tough cookies to deal with. Besides, they get what's coming."

Meyer married three times. His studio said he left no survivors."

Oh, but his MOVIES were his survivors, THEY were his children! His beautiful, crazy children! You shall be missed, sir. You shall be missed.

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