Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The good news this morning was that I got a hot tip from fellow blogger Sarah L. about the new Kitty Kelley Bush family biography about to come out. The bad news was that Blogger was out of commission!! I hate being cut off from my fellow man!! But I think the glitch has been fixed and I am able to blather on again without interruption. Whew!

So back to everybody's favorite trashy biographer! (I love everything about Kitty Kelley, especially her name!) Sarah's link was to a article, which was itself taken from The Guardian. The book is called "The Family: The Real Story of the Bush Dynasty," and it won't be out for another week--How will I live? At least we have this preview. It's so delightful that I'm going to present it here almost in it's entirity:
The book's charges "include claims that Bush snorted cocaine at the Camp David retreat when his father was president, and may have helped a girlfriend obtain an abortion.

Though not regarded as a serious biographer by any stretch, Kelley is a bestselling author. The initial print run for the book is 600,000 copies, and anticipation about its contents sent a frisson through Republicans at last week's convention.

And after a highly effective campaign to smear the wartime record of John Kerry, the Kelley biography is seen as an occasion for Democrats to sling some mud against a Christian president who claims to stand for conservative values...

Kelley's publicists say her book will minutely examine Bush's service record, including the so-called lost year when he transferred from Texas to Alabama, ostensibly to work on a Republican Senate campaign. The book is said to dig behind the jealously guarded public facade of the family to reveal "the matriarchs, the mistresses, the marriages, the divorces, the jealousies, the hypocrisies, the golden children, and the black sheep"...

While some revelations will be familiar to Americans, Kelley says the 700-page tome has extraordinary new detail. For the first time, there are allegations that Laura Bush, the first lady, might also have experimented with cocaine."

YOWZA! Now, that's what I call a bigography! Jealousies! Mistresses! Abortion! Cocaine! Black sheep! Oh, god, I CANNOT WAIT FOR THIS BOOK!!!I am going to pre-order mine on Amazon right NOW!

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