Friday, August 27, 2004

Well, apres le deluge, etc etc. After yesterday's downpour comes today's dry spell. Still, there are a couple of teensy tiny morsels of non-news today.

First up, according to the IMDB, Posh Spice is preggers with her third child. Gee, do you think this has anything to do with damage-control after her husband David "Becks" Beckhams's numerous affairs with assistants, models, etc? Nothing like conceiving a new life to make the rabid British public forget about his dirty text-messaging. And what better reason for the miracle of birth?

"Pals of former Spice Girl Victoria Beckham and her soccer star husband David Beckham have confirmed reports the celebrity couple are expecting another baby are true. The glamorous couple are desperate for a little sister for their two sons, Brooklyn, five, and Romeo, one, and recent visits to London's childbirth expert Dr Malcolm Gillard - who delivered their eldest offspring - sparked rumors Victoria was again an expecting mother. The Beckhams remain silent about the reports, but pals of the pair - currently based in Spain where David plays soccer for Real Madrid - insist the speculation's accurate. One says, 'She's over the moon. She's had a touch of morning sickness, but for the rest of the time she can't stop smiling. She's had no real work commitments at the moment - it's the perfect time to have another child. She's been consulting Dr Gillard and everyone's keeping their fingers crossed that it's good news.'"

HA! "No real work commitments at the moment"--HA HA HA! How about for the last five years, minimum? Her career is as lifeless and inert as her personality! Ha ha ha! "Work commitments." That's rich, that's really rich.

In more somber news, everyone's all-time favorite self-insulting comic is recovering from majory surgery. The IMDB says:

"Rodney Dangerfield is recovering in a Los Angeles hospital after undergoing heart valve replacement surgery on Wednesday. The ailing Caddyshack star, 82, underwent brain surgery last year to reduce the chances of having a stroke during this week's operation at the University of California, Los Angeles Medical Center (UCLA). His spokesman Kevin Sasaki says, 'I'm pleased to announce that Rodney Dangerfield made it through his surgery and is currently resting comfortably in intensive care over at UCLA.'"

His heart valve, at least, is getting some respect! Nyuk nyuk nyuk. I LOVE Rodney Dangerfield, barring his INCREDIBLY creepy and dread-inducing performance as the abusive father in "Natural Born Killers." (Shudder.) Did anyone else love "Back to School" as much as I did? Sure, I haven't seen it in like, 15 years, but I have (possiibly misplaced) fond memories of "Help me straighten out my Longfellow" or whatever it was. "Caddyshack," of course, should be in the National Archives. No respect, I tell you, no respect at all!

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