Sunday, August 15, 2004

There's an hysterical article in today's New York Times about Vincent Gallo and his new movie, "The Brown Bunny." My favorite quote from El Gallo is in the part where he discusses the physical toll of the making of the movie:

"'I'm forgetting the fact that I'm a human being," he said, "that I need to eat, sleep, that I have a life and there are some people — not that they care about me — but there are some people who casually know me who pretend to be my friends that want to see me. I denied my body any respect, any attention at all cost, because of this intense desperation to be able to look back at something and feel like I did it in the best, most aggressive way possible, the best job I could have.'"

Hee-hee. To see the rest of the article, go:

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