Thursday, August 19, 2004

Speaking of the Olympics, Terri R. and I were watching them on her cable last night and we were agog at the new vault they are using. We both decided we didn't like it, not one bit. It's funny looking and lacks the aura of danger and dread the old kind had in spades. Well, we are not alone in our views! Terri R.'s fave rave comedian Christian Finnegan posted this today on his website:

"Apparently they got rid of the old vaulting horse because it was deemed "dangerous". And in response, I have but one word: Exactly. Why the fuck do you think I'm watching Olympic gymnastics in the first place? To see some Romanian girl with a hardluck story (is there any other kind?) score a perfect ten? Hell, no. I watch because I know there there is the chance, however slight, that I might get to see a growth-stunted anorexic totally wreck herself on national TV. Call me cruel, but that's good TV."

Exactamundo! Well said, sir. To read more of Mr. Finnegan's funnies, go:

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