Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The new issue of Vanity Fair has an excellent, thoughtful, and well-argued assesment of the Kerry and Bush Vietnam war records by journalist/author David Halberstam, who wrote the seminal Vietnam book "Best and the Brightest," and won a Pulitzer Prize for his reporting on Vietnam for the New York Times. Check it out, and read all about the atrocious behavior of various and sundry evil right-wing groups who've not only attacked the records of Kerrry, but of Republican John McCain, not to mention triple amputee Max Cleland, former Democratic senator from Georgia. And, of course, the attacks tend to come from hawks who never served at all. Some interesting facts: Although I'd already known about uber-hawk Dick Cheney's five deferments, I didn't know until I read this that John Ashcroft had seven--count 'em--SEVEN deferments during the Vietnam War.

On a less serious note, this issue also contains a Gloria Vanderbilt article which might as well have been titled "Famous Men I Did It With." In an excerpt from her new book "It Seemed Important at the Time," she recounts flying from NY to LA to meet Marlon Brando immediately after seeing "On the Waterfront," as any sane, incredibly wealthy lady would do. She finagled a meeting and they had one "date," which was basically Gloria at Marlon's house with a few other guests; she waited until everyone left, then ended up in the bedroom. She writes that "The only thing I remember is his saying to me over dessert...'You have Japanese skin.' Yes, yes Japanese, I wanted to scream--Japanese and it's all for you." Hee hee! The next day Marlon never called back, but she eased her broken heart by making out with Gene Kelly! I know Gloria had her ups and downs, but she seems like ONE LUCKY LADY TO ME!!

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