Friday, August 20, 2004

Kind of a slow non-news day. In real news, there was a piece on CNN about two campers found shot to death on a beach in Northern California, which reinforces my longheld belief that CAMPING SUCKS and is dangerous. Here's more proof that serial killers are just WAITING for me to go camping. AND there's no hairdryer outlet.

In the less depressing realm of the non-news (which is why I like it so much!), we have this little bit o' fluff from Richard "Dick" Johnson, naturally. And, of course, it's tied in to Vincent Gallo and "The Brown Bunny":

"Chloe Sevigny was everywhere this week, starting Monday at the star-studded New York premiere of Vincent Gallo's "Brown Bunny." The audience seemed embarrassed for Chloe and mystified why she agreed to take the role. At the end of a mind-numbingly tedious cross-country trip which takes up almost the entire movie, Gallo gets oral sex from the actress in hard-core close-up. We won't say who among the likes of Sean Lennon and his date Elizabeth Jagger, Tatum O'Neal, David Copperfield, James Toback and Bridget Hall nodded off at the Sunshine Cinema on Houston Street, or who tittered when Gallo revealed his manhood to the willing Sevigny. One viewer snickered, 'The one thing this movie will accomplish is getting Vincent more dates — and Chloe, too, come to think of it.'"

Hee-hee! "Mind-numbingly tedious." Ha ha ha! I Heart Vincent Gallo! I can't get enough of that crazy nutball!

OK, since the pickens are so slim today, I will fill in with a movie review. The Four Horsewomen of the Apocolypse (Me, Terri R., Michele S., and Ursula F.) went to see "Blackballed: The Bobby Dukes Story," at the Alamo Drafthouse last night. "Blackballed" won the Audience Prize at the South By Southwest Film Festival and was brought back for a special two-night engagement (it's playing again on Sunday). Sadly and inexplicably, this hysterically funny movie has not been picked up for distribution yet. It stars Rob Corddry, of "The Daily Show," as Bobby Dukes, a "world-famous paintball player" who disgraced himself ten years ago by "wiping," the most forbidden form of paintball cheating. Bobby is back after being banned from the sport for a decade; no one from his former team will play with him again, so he recruits a bunch of misfits--the ref who called him for "wiping," his sister who has never played before, a Canadian "Zen"-influenced player, a video-game player who also has never played paintball, and finally, and most brilliantly, an over-the-top gung-ho "Kill! Kill! Kill!" uber-aggressive faux military paintball fanatic. This film is a "mockumentary," following Bobby's return to his tough guy paintball mentor, the formation of the new team, and the big Paintball Classic, in which Bobby faces his old nemesis. One of the funniest themes in the movie is that everyone in it acts like paintball is a world-renowned mega-sport with its own magazines, product endorsements, superstars, etc. Bobby's nemesis lives in a penthouse in NY and has handlers and is internationally famous (and a very funny JERK). The performances are great (much of the cast is recognizable from various and sundry VH1 or Comedy Central shows), the dialogue is great, with what seemed like a lot of ad-libbing (the military guy screams "Swallow my load! SWALLOW MY LOAD!" during a match) and the whole concept is loaded (as it were) with charm. A real treat! Go see it on Sunday, you will not be disappointed. Thanks to Michele S. for telling me about this great movie, I would not have know about it otherwise. And to Terri R. for driving our Bucket-of-Beer-swilling selves to and fro!

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