Wednesday, August 04, 2004

Is the New York Times reading Felt Up: The Blog? Not bloody likely, as my pale British forbears would say, but then again, who knows? The Vincent Gallo Dirty Billboard story made it into the Times, though, and here's their take on it (edited):

" 'This is my idea of a beautiful billboard — that's all it is,"'Mr. Gallo, who wrote, directed, produced and starred in the film, said in an interview on Tuesday. (He was also the cinematographer and did most of the other production jobs.) The film's distributor, Wellspring Media, spent $50,000 to put up the billboard for a month.

'There's so much negative hearsay about the film, so much expectation about what the film contains, that in a sense, the film has been reduced to comment about that graphic scene,' Mr. Gallo added. 'I thought to use a provocative image that reflects the graphic scene, but to make that graphic image have emotional context and drama and design and an aesthetic nature, and to legitimize it by placing it in a more corporate environment, a billboard.'

Whatever all that means, so far the controversy is working. Pictures of the billboard, which went up on Saturday at the busy intersection of Sunset and Crescent Heights Boulevards, quickly appeared on POPULAR BLOGGING WEBSITES, and sparked an article in The Los Angeles Daily News."

Did you read that part about "popular blogging websites"? Huh, didya? The line I PUT INTO ALL CAPS? Of course, the definition of "popular" is open to debate. How many hits do you have to have each day to be considered "popular"? More than 20? Hmmm.

Also I really wish someone would post a picture of the damn billboard, my imagination is running wild!

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