Tuesday, August 31, 2004

In the spirit of The Golden Girls' theme song "Thank You For Being A Friend," which is, of course, MY theme song as well, I am passing on a plea from my pal Jenny Hart of Sublime Stitiching fame. We had a little show-n-tell session at the last Babes In Business meeting--at the stately home of Ms. Jennifer Perkins, the genius behind naughtysecretaryclub.com--and Jenny brought out a women's shirt with her retro-kitty theme, purchased at the Seattle Buffalo Exchange. Some extremely bold creep bought her embroidery patterns, sent them to India, and manufactured clothing with her trademarked designs on them without her permsission. SO, if anyone sees her designs on more pieces of clothing, please contact her. The link to her Sublilme Stitching website is over yonder in the Buy Stuff list. Look at her page, check out the patterns, and keep your eye out for rip-offs! Get out your magnifying glass and go all Nancy Drew for a good cause--these stolen patterns could be anywhere, even THE MALL. Shudder.

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