Tuesday, August 31, 2004

If you are one of my MySpacers, sorry, this post is largely copied from my MySpace blog. I'm a lazy bastard, all right? Cut me some goddamn slack. Plus not ALL of my vast publique is actuallly a close, personal friend. Most, yes, but not ALL. Anyway, I've become totally obsessed with this new station here in A-Town called, for some reason, "Bob." It used to be the Oldies station, 103.5. At first I was pissed, because now we not only have just one hip-hop station, we have no Oldies whatsoever. You know, sometimes a girl just wants to hear "Tequila" or "Good Vibrations" for the eight-millionth time. But then I started listening to Bob and became entranced! Bob is the weirdest station EVER. It just plays totally random songs from different eras and genres. Some cool, some totally and completely lame. I cannot turn it off! I am addicted! I may just keep a running tally of the song order: right now it's "Owner of a Lonely Heart." Next it could be Ashlee Simpson, then Prince, then Huey Lewis, then Evanescense, then Billy Joel. Who knows? It's like a train wreck, I can't turn away! Bob! I heard it is part of a chain; there's, like, Jack in Dallas, and I don't know, Steve in Houston or whatnot. So strange! Bob! The worst thing is the Sue Patrick ads about UT-themed rich lady hideous burnt-orange ensembles with the UT tower against "fields of bluebonnets." (I am not kidding.) OK, now it's playing Pink. Whoa. Ooh, now it's HEART's "Magic Man"!!! Whoo-hoo! Not only can I not stop listening, I can't stop writing about what it is playing. OMG. I kid you not, now it's "Jump" by the Pointer Sisters! I could do an entire blog just about Bob! The Boblog! Aaaah! Now it is Journey's "Don't Stop Believing!" Can't. Stop. Transcribing. The. Playlist. Rod Stewart! "You Wear It Well!" They seem to be on a seventies kick right now. YES! (The positive statement, not the band.) OK, now it is some god-awful-remix of 4 Non-Blondes' "What's Going On." Thank god, now I can stop.

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