Friday, August 06, 2004

I just read man-about-town Seth O.'s "Carefully Selected Garbage" (go to link in Blogs A Go-Go), where I saw that he got to hang out with Barack Obama last night!!! My girlfriends and I have been twittering like Duran Durannies circa 1984 about this incredible young state senator from Illinois who is running for US Senator. (I love how he is skipping the congressional seat altogether.) He WAS running against Republican Jack Ryan, but Ryan was a perv (his divorce papers revealed that his "Star Trek"-starring actress ex-wife accused him of forcing her to go to sex clubs!!AND I'm pretty sure that she's on one of those spin-off-of-a-spin-off "Star Trek" shows, which just adds another level of tawdriness to the whole affair, in my opinion). The GOP bigwigs tried to get Mike Ditka (!)to replace Ryan, to no avail; they've finally dragged poor old Alan Keyes in as the opponent, which at least means the Senate will definitely have a new black guy--only the third, I believe, since RECONSTRUCTION. That's the reconstruction that followed the Civil War, people! In the 19TH CENTURY!

Obama gave the keynote address (totally and completely AWEsome) to the Democratic National Convention, where he wowed all good, decent people with his speech. And Seth got to see him in the flesh! OMG. I'm SO jealous! Barack Rocks! OOOOOOBBBBBBAAAAAAMMMMMMAAAAAAAA!

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