Tuesday, August 17, 2004

Hooray! More Vincent Gallo in the non-news. I LOVE that he has a movie coming out, if only for his constant forays into the media, spouting off his crazy (like a fox!) invectives at whoever will listen (like ME!). Here's the latest, from Richard "Dick" Johnson:

"THE Village Voice accuses "Brown Bunny" director Vincent Gallo of pulling his three-page essay from the weekly at the last minute after editor-in-chief Don Forst refused to run Gallo's full-page photo self-portrait on the cover. The Voice says it was blindsided when Gallo yanked his essay in a huff because Forst wanted instead to emblazon the cover with a steamy still from "Brown Bunny," in which Chloe Sevigny performs oral sex on Gallo. "We all thought it was a terrific piece, and we're sorry we're not running it," Voice publicity director Jessica Bellucci tells us. "When he got wind that we wanted to use another image for the cover, he got all bent out of shape and pulled the whole thing." But Gallo says he turned down a cover offer from Time Out New York to work with the Voice on the condition that they would accept his essay and cover photograph as-is. The fulminating filmmaker claimed "egocentric and out-of-control" Forst sabotaged the project, which Gallo worked on for weeks, by insisting on a "provocative" cover photo. "I don't regret writing the essay or taking the pictures," Gallo said. "But for the Voice to call a gossip column and cry victim is outrageous. They owe me a long apology and flowers. The Voice [bleeped] me, plain and simple."

I must agree. Mr. Don Forst, you DO owe Vincent Gallo a long apology AND flowers! Pronto!You should have assumed going into this that El Gallo would automatically get "bent out of shape" AND get in "a huff" AND want total control AND would provide the Voice with a full-page self-portrait for the front cover. BECAUSE IT'S VINCENT GALLO. Duh! And really, hasn't the blow-job picture been done to death? It's already been a billboard and been featured on really awesome blogs with the initials F.U. and stuff. Here's a dollar (not literally): Go out and BUY yourself an original idea! And thanks a lot for denying John Q. Public our rightful three-page Vincent Gallo essay. Harrumph!

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