Friday, August 06, 2004

Here's what I got in the way of non-news: Richard "Dick" Johnson reported today in his Page Six column that there is a new tell-all book coming out about Hugh Hefner:

"Jill Ann Spaulding, a professional poker player, has self-published 'Jill Ann: Upstairs,' which details her 'realization that the Playboy Mansion isn't Barbie's Dreamhouse, but a brokerage house where dangerous sex is traded for stardom.'

The cosmetically enhanced blonde claims:

* Hefner has 12 'slave bunnies' whose duties include servicing the Playboy founder on Wednesday and Friday 'Sex Nights.'

* In an interview with Steppin' Out magazine's Chaunce Hayden, Spaulding says: 'On Sex Night . . . You have to take a bath . . . There are also two large big screen TVs in his bedroom that play porn . . . All the girls have to be cheering during the sex and the ones who aren't having sex with Hef have to pretend they are having lesbian sex with each other.'

* 'There's no protection and none of the girls are tested [for HIV]. [Hefner] doesn't care. The girls care, but they get $2,000 a week.' As for her celebrity run-ins, Spaulding told PAGE SIX:

* "I met Craig Kilborn at the mansion at a party. I asked for a photo with him . . . As my friend is taking the photo he reaches under my outfit and gooses me! I wasn't very happy . . . Then my friend took a photo with him and he did the same thing to her! It was pretty rude. We left quickly and he kept screaming, 'Why are you running off?' "

OK, I have a few questions for Ms. Spaulding, professional poker player and self-published author of "Jill Ann: Upstairs": 1.) What is "Steppin' Out" magazine? Does it have something to do with Joe Jackson? 2.)Who ever told you the Playboy Mansion was Barbie's Dreamhouse? 3.) Why would you go within 100 feet of Craig Kilborn?

Heff is denying the whole thing and writing off Ms. Spaulding as a wannabe who was turned down for a permanent residence at the brokerage house where dangerous sex is traded for stardom. He also says he hasn't read the book "but some of my girlfriends have." Hee heee! Who knows? I know that this is EXACTY what I figured was going on chez Hefner once Viagra was available...

In other non-news, this little tidbit, also from Dick Johnson:

"Aretha Franklin demanded and received a suitcase stuffed with $250,000 in cash for her last performance at the Field Museum in Chicago."

Well, DUH. Who is surprised by this? Black entertainers know better than to trust concert promoters from long, cruel experience. ESPECIALLY those con-artists who run the Field Museum. And besides, she's THE QUEEN OF SOUL!!! Give her whatever she wants and don't go blabbing to Page Six. Although I'm glad somebody did, obviously. I heart divas!

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