Friday, August 13, 2004


Some lucky bastards got to see a preview of Vincent Gallo's newest masterpiece "The Brown Bunny," and the good people of posted their movie spy's review of the famous blowjob scene, under the headline "Vincent Gallo: We've Always Called Him Thick":

"Pretentious, self indulgent, ridiculously boring... At the same time beautiful, sad, haunting, verrry special. Vincent's cock is fabulous; thick, meaty, nice upward curve. Definitely bossy during the act. Chloe (after smoking crack in the bathroom wearing a terrible outfit made by Vincent) makes weird cooing noises while he pushes her face up down on it. After he comes in her mouth, he says 'you fucking whore, you fucking asshole, I hate you so much.' If that's not good cinema, I don't know what is."

Now that's what blogging is all about. All the news you can use and then some. Kudos, and, kudos! Keep up the good work! My only question: Is it the MOVIE that is pretentious, self indulgent, ridiculously the same time beautiful, sad, haunting, verrry special, or is it Gallo's peenie? It's kind of unclear. Either way, it works for me. Well done, sirs!

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