Saturday, August 14, 2004

Bleh! The new Us Weekly has a two-page spread called "Are Stars Happier As Moms?" with photos of people like Courteney Cox, Gwyneth "Flapjacks" Paltrow, Kate Hudson, etc. before and after they spawned. Of course Us managed to find "before" pics in which the stars look miserable; then beaming with motherly glow afterwards. The subheading is "Fame and fortune are nice, but it's parenthood that REALLY lights up the faces of these ecsatic new moms." As a single lady with what can best be described as EXTREME ambivalence about producing offspring, I find this whole "baby porn" thing to be distasteful and upsetting. The message seems to be: Sure these women have wonderful, exciting lives with amazing careers, riches beyond most people's wildest dreams, etc. but until they have the baaaaaaaby, well, their existence was meaningless and devoid of joy. Bleh, bleh, and double bleh!!

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