Tuesday, August 03, 2004

After a totally NOT compulsive-disorder-type check of my beloved Tracker, to see how Felt Up: The Blog's ever-growing readership is developing (slowly, as it turns out), I noticed a few were coming from another blog, called Pop Roxx. The Pop Roxx blogger has a nice link to Felt Up that says "I won't read People but I'll read this blog," so I am returning the favor and have added a link to Pop Roxx over yonder, in the "Blogs A Go-Go!" section. Pop Roxx deals mainly with the trials and tribulations of a drummer/camp counsellor, and anyone who refers to their young charges as "little shits" is a-ok in MY book. Check it out!

And from the "I Want To Giggle But I Know It's Wrong" file: Saw a story on the CNN website today about a sex abuse case at Disney World involving an employee dressed as Tigger who "pawed" at the breasts of female park visitors (some very young) while they had their picture taken together. Tigger's defense is that the costume is bulky and makes it hard to tell where his paws are at any given time.

"'This defendant knew where his paws were,' " said the prosecutor, according to CNN.


My friend Richard M. has been Tigger for Halloween many, many times (I believe he owns the costume now) so I sent him the article in a spirit of brotherly love. He's been kind of under the weather lately, so hopefully this will cheer him up some. That's just the kind of friend I am...I also think I'm going to add "he knew where his paws were" to my personal lexicon. When the right moment comes, I'm sure it will come in quite handy.

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