Monday, July 12, 2004

Your humble Felt Up Blogette does not often venture into the realm of real, non-celeb news, but after seeing this wee headline at she felt...a strange sense of disconnectedness, an existential crisis of some's hard to put into words, but here's what set her off:

"Millions Flee South Asia Floods"

"GUWAHATI, India (Reuters) -- Overflowing rivers, snakebites and landslides have killed dozens of people in South Asia and forced millions from their homes in the worst monsoon flooding in years, officials said Monday.

More than 5 million people were marooned or left homeless in low-lying parts of eastern India, Bangladesh and Nepal as river waters flooded huge swathes of land.

Thousands were stuck on rooftops, waiting for military helicopters to rescue them or provide food.

The chief minister of India's northeastern Assam state, where 2 million have been made homeless, appealed for international aid, saying the state was battling the worst floods in recent years."

FIVE MILLION PEOPLE are homeless? What the F? And let me tell you, this was not the lead story. A political story on how "safe" Americans feel during an election year was the lead. Because, you know, five million Indians/Nepalese/Bangladeshis...who cares? If FIVE Americans were in any way affected by a flood, it would be the lead story at CNN. I guaran-f-ing-tee it. I realize this is taking place on the other side of the world. But FIVE MILLION people? Can I donate a can of low-carb soup or something? They won't let me give blood anymore because the Red Cross thinks I might possibly have Mad Cow Disease from living in Scotland in the early '90s, so that's out. A blanket? A canoe? What to do? Where are these people going to go? Is there, like, a really big high school gymnasium somewhere in Bangladesh, like my family went to when it flooded in Tulsa, OK in 1976?

The mere mention of snakebites, too, just BLOWS my MIND, man...Just when you thought a monsoon was a bummer, then come...THE SNAKES!!! I can't even get through a pleasant summer evening listening to soft rock and watching "Anchorman" without complaining bitterly about the ants and lack of proper seating (see earlier blog entry), and these people have to contend with monsoons, floods, no electricity, no water, no gas...AND DEADLY SNAKES!!!!I am horribly ashamed. (Yet still bitter about the lack of chairs at the show.)

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