Tuesday, July 20, 2004

Your Felt Up Blogette is creating a new section called What I Netflixed Last Night. Here is the first installment...(sound of drumroll):

Last night I Netflixed "Confessions of A Dangerous Mind," directed by George Clooney. (Can I just mention my obession with the fact that Clooney was on TWO shows called ER? The first one, which apparently I and I alone have ever seen, was a comedy set in--yes, you guessed it--an ER, and starred Elliot Gould and that lady from "Dances With Wolves." The other show is, I believe, a drama.) The movie stars tiny cutie-pie Sam Rockwell, Clooney, Drew Barrymore, and Julia Roberts. It's based on the autobiography of Chuck Barris, creator of "The Gong Show," "The Dating Game," "The Newlywed Game," and my personal favorite, "The $1.98 Beauty Show." In his book, Barris claimed to also have been a contract hit man for the CIA. The movie takes him at his word, and uses his game-show-producer-by-day/CIA hitman-at-night story to create an interesting, fun, Soderburgh-esque (he was a producer, so there you go) look at the changing cultural landscape of the 1950s through the 1970s. Charlie Kaufman wrote the screenplay, so it has an odd, endearing-yet-dickish, offbeat quality that I enjoyed very much. Sam Rockwell is a genius and should have been nominated for an Academy Award for this.

I saw this movie in the theater, but it was good to see it on DVD as well. There's lots of worthwhile extra features, like the "Is it true?" section and the mini-documentary about Chuck Barris, plus real-life scenes from "The Gong Show." All of the deleted scenes were really good--so good that it seems a shame they couldn't squeeze them into the movie...All in all an entertaining, well-directed, creatively-shot and extremely well-acted movie. Too bad it kind of bombed at the box office. Oh, well. I heart Sam Rockwell! (I think he used to date that gorgeous Indian-American actress from "Mississippi Masala" but she married someone else. What a fool!)


(Scoring is modeled on that tried-but-true heavy-petting baseball metaphor:
Sucked--First Base
Sucky, But OK--Second Base
Good--Third Base
Really, really good--Home Run!)

In my next What I Netflixed Last Night: "Party Monster: The Shockumentary"

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