Saturday, July 31, 2004

Whoa! Craaaazy Nicolas Cage married the 20-year-old sushi waitress he's been dating! From

"Oscar-winning actor Nicolas Cage has married for the third time.

The "Leaving Las Vegas" star wed 20-year-old Alice Kim on Friday at a private ceremony on a ranch in Northern California, publicist Annett Wolf told The Associated Press.

It is the third wedding for Cage, 40, who split with his previous wife Lisa Marie Presley after less than four months in 2002.

Before that, he was married for six years to actress Patricia Arquette.

Kim, a former sushi waitress, met Cage when the actor visited the Los Angeles restaurant where she worked. This is her first marriage.

They started dating in February and reportedly became engaged after about two months.

Wolf declined to provide addition details on the nuptials.

No photo was released."

Yeah, I'll BET no photo was released--Nicolas Cage, with his comb-over, bending down to plant a kiss on his tiny, UNDER 21 bride--EWWW! He made a big stink recently because the bar at the hotel they were staying in (I think in Hawaii) refused to serve his wee under-drinking-age galpal. Well, sir, it's illegal! No matter how much dough you spread around a joint, it's still ILLEGAL!! Sheesh.

I remember when he was my big crush, from the "Valley Girl" years, before the weird surgeries, the weird hair, the general seems so long agao. Oh, Nicky, we hardly knew ye (in your former state of being)...

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