Wednesday, July 21, 2004


Last night I Netflixed "Party Monster: The Shockumentary." I enjoyed it, yes, but I couldn't help feeling like I wanted more...but more what? What was lacking? There were the re-enactments of the various and sundry crimes committed by the Party Monster himself, Michael Alig...interviews with his druggie club kid cohorts, including the arch and bitchy James St. James...MICHAEL MUSTO(!)...some footage of the '80s/90s NYC club/party what was it? Oh, I know. More outfits! Jeez, I really, really wanted and expected to see a TON of craaaaaazy club kid outfits, and there just weren't enough! Sure, they showed some of the "classics"--Drug Baby, Boy With X Lips, Exposed Brain Guy, Knife In Mouth, the ill-fated Angel, regular (yawn) drag queens...but I just wanted more, more, MORE than I actually got. I also wanted to see some of those old "Geraldo" episodes, more footage of the parties at the Limelight, more reasons why Alig killed poor Angel, just more of everything in general. (Except more scenes of his mother. She made me sad. Ditto Angel's brother.) It was only 59 minutes long, so maybe they just didn't have a lot of money, but still. More, you bitches, more! is what I believe the Party Monster would have cried out. And so shall I.

I have yet to see the Macauly Culkin "Party Monster," but when I do I will compare it with this one in a frame-by-frame analysis that will make those frogs at Cahiers du Cinema look like a bunch of grade school chumps! I'm kidding! No, I'm not. Yes, I am. Maybe.

Felt-Up Heavy Petting Score:
Second Base

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