Tuesday, July 27, 2004


"A special screening of Fahrenheit 9/11 hosted by Michael Moore:

This last-minute, one-time screening will be at 9:00pm on Wed July 28 in Crawford, Texas at the Crawford High School Football Stadium.

It seems certain "political forces" have conspired to keep Michael Moore's controversial film 'Fahrenheit 9/11' from screening in the Crawford, Texas area (home of George W. Bush) – can you believe it?! According to an article in the Austin American-Statesman, sparked by an editorial in the Waco Tribune, local residents who found this appalling began a campaign to correct this several weeks ago. Rallying around the Crawford Peace House they contacted Moore directly for some help. Being the gauntlet-throwing kinda guy he is, Moore apparently took a quick liking to the idea. He called Lions Gate. Last week Lions Gate contacted us. And just like that you've got your self an on-the-fly addition to our Rolling Roadshow calendar!

Michael Moore is flying in to host this event and has personally invited the President to attend via an open letter posted to his website!

Alamo Drafthouse is not selling tickets to this event. Seating is plentiful, and the Crawford Peace House is merely asking for a donation of $8 per attendee.

Like other Roadshows, the screening should commence just after dark at around 900pm. Please bring all your own standard Roadshow gear: Camping Chairs, Quilts, Flash Lights, Bug Spray, etc.

Also please bring a battery powered Boom Box, Radio Walkman, or the like!! We think there is a strong possibility that the-powers-that-be will attempt to force us to stop the screening by invoking the Noise Ordinance. Our back-up plan will be to completely shut down the PA system and continue the film with the audio broadcasting from a low-powered FM transmitter.

This Roadshow is RAIN OR SHINE.

Austinites planning to attend are welcome to use the Alamo Village parking lot as a rallying area for caravanning up to the screening location in Crawford, Texas which is 25 minutes west of Waco. The caravan should pull out at about 6:00 pm, allowing 3 hours for travel and check-in in Crawford.

Important Note
Make no mistake, there many residents (including you-know-who) who are not real happy about this idea. Some of the past events of similar natures held in and around Crawford have resulted in altercations with the local police and other trying occurrences. By choosing to attend you are effectively going to a political demonstration held in a less than friendly territory. You do so at your own risk."

Wow. I'm kind of scared to go. Does this mean I would have been too lame to march in Selma? Am I REALLY THIS LAME? Probably. Sigh. I haven't even seen the movie yet! Well, I have until tomorrow to decide...

And I can't believe the high school is letting them use their (gasp!) holiest-of-holies FOOTBALL STADIUM!! Is this going to be one of those "I wish I'd been there" moments in history, or an "Oh, God, why did I come to this long night in hell?" moment in misery? Or both? Hard to say.

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